Enabling the "Show Tooltip" Option

  • As my first little trick with Accelerator, I thought it would be cool to post about the "Show Tooltip" option within Accelerator that helps with some areas in the programming. This is the "Show Tooltip" checkbox. This is found under the "Help" tab as shown:


    This pops up a little window over what you are mousing over to give you information on that step in accelerator, but that isn't where it's real power lies. One annoying thing many of us have dealt with is the width of the Inputs areas. Sometimes you can't read it and don't know which is what input or output (depending on the step).

    For example, take a look at the screenshot below:


    How am I supposed to know what each "Just Add Power" item in the list means?

    The Tooltip, Duh!

    When you mouse over the devices now, a tooltip will pop-up that will give you the entire name of the Input or Output!


    While it would be nice to be able to resize these columns, for now this is at least a nice work around.

    Braden R. Napier

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  • Super helpful!

  • Forgot about this little guy. this is perfect

    If we all just do what were good at, instead of tryin to do everyone else's job, we might get something done!1

  • Not sure if this helps but you can set the size of the "Available Device Column" for steps 7 and 8 to be wider by default if needed...

    Click the Accelerator Logo top Left of the screen
    Select "Accelerator Options" lower right of that window

    Now you can set the default width of the "Available Device Column" and the "Connected Device Column"

    I have had to set this depending on the computer and resolution I use (i.e. Laptop, Desktop, etc.)


  • Ahh, very nice! Used to only have Connect Device column here. Nice to see they added it!


    Braden R. Napier

  • This is cool. I did not know about this one. Thanks Allen!

    Justin Spiniolas

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