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  • Hey Everyone,
    So Dash Mobile is progressing and the User Interface portion is really starting to look nice! We have added in transitions & animations to provide a sleek User Experience and of course even allowed you to control how those operate (or turn them off if you wish).

    Control Tiles

    Control Tiles provide quick access to any device your system may want to display. You can customize the styling completely based on the state. You can set the border, background coloring, icon coloring, text, and more for each tile you display. Tiles are swipable (left/right). You can set images for the background, opacity levels, and use images as icons as well - selecting different styling options for every single state as always. Optionally you can instead have a set of cameras show up here instead.



    Dynamic Keypads

    You are able to build keypads dynamically and display them to your user. These keypads speak directly to your controller without any port forwarding required making the application more secure and overall a better experience. You are able to build different keypads for different users, add animations to the presses, set the style, size, and icon, and much more.

    Dynamic Keypads allow you to style almost every detail of each button. You are able to build states and control what states are shown throughout the app right from Accelerator. The possibilities are pretty much endless.




    With Surveillance you start with the wide view and can use the button on the top right to switch to a grid of 2 or 3 columns. The 3 column view will only happen if the user has more than 8 cameras.


    Video Preview

    This is a quick video preview of the app in it's recent form. You will notice some styling errors, etc as I was playing around with the styles and didn't finish it 100% (for example you'll notice the states mess up with the tile on the left as I transition states).

    You can actually also see the live programming happening live here as well. When I load up the keypads I noticed I had the wrong button installed from a previous test so I quickly switched it out back to the Xbox button. That is the exact experience you can expect with the Dash Live Programming capability.

    I will continue to edit this post as time permits

    Braden R. Napier

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  • This is looking really good.

    Nick Picklo, CGB
    Certified Graduate Builder
    m. 713.562.0009


  • Will it be available for Android also ?

  • @Nick-Picklo said:

    This is looking really good.

    Thanks Nick!

    @Sausage said:

    Will it be available for Android also ?

    What we are using should allow a move to Android without too much effort, however it is not a priority - if I see actual end-user demand for it in the long-term we will provide it. You may see a System Monitor (Dealer App) only version to Android sooner than a full-featured.

    Braden R. Napier

  • Love this layout, with the colors, and the easy use, its going to be a hit, great work,You guys are doing awesome work though, URC better jump on the wagon soon, or there going to get left behind, its amazing how long it takes for them to update anything. We dont even have an updated Sales tool APP to match the current APP.

    If we all just do what were good at, instead of tryin to do everyone else's job, we might get something done!1

  • upload-47738ccb-d347-4d34-8496-3abc0e9bb1d9

    For those of you with new iPhones that support 3D Touch, we now support the app shortcuts. These can be set by the end user - preferably it will be set in a way that if they 3D Touch within the app it will allow them to set them as 3D Touch Shortcuts - that part isn't done yet and will be difficult until I own a 3D Touch iPhone since simulator can only simulator 3D Touch on the app at the moment.

    Any image or icon can be used, not just the ones shown. Buttons can also be set contextually (aka based on where the user is within the home or what is playing... for example if they were in the bathroom - the shortcuts may show "Turn On Bathroom Lights" and "Play Pandora" - which would automatically trigger in the bathroom.

    Braden R. Napier

  • upload-7d89184d-3d9c-45ea-9f69-f4e62631ef1d

    Braden R. Napier

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