Cloud Logging

  • Cloud Logging seems to be an often overlooked resource. The power of Cloud Logging should not be underestimated. There is so much valuable data reported to Cloud Logs that can help you learn, use, or troubleshoot.

    You can find Cloud Logging by selecting it from the Project Menu dropdown. Then just click Start Logging in order to begin logging.


    Anytime you are working with a new Dash App, you should definitely be relying on Cloud Logs to help you get started. Some of the most important information gets reported on startup of the MRX. Its best practice to be Logging during startup. This is when you can see each app start and authenticate. Any issues that will prevent the App from working properly will normally be revealed here.


    Cloud Logging can also be extremely helpful when using Device Events & TCL Commands. They will report to Cloud Logging as they are occurring and you will be able to see the data as its processed.


    Anytime you are having any problem with a Dash App, its best to check cloud logging for insight as to what the problem may be. Often times you can find very specific information or directions that will help get the issue resolved.

    Justin Spiniolas

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