My First Experience with Dash React... Try it, You'll like it!

  • I spent yesterday evening reading up on Nick's experience and his mistakes.

    I will say if you have played with Device Events (the module) you will get the basics very quickly. It's very similar logic.

    A little background on what made me try this:

    I decided today I wanted to give it a try. But I just wanted to take a small bite. So I decided to redo my Living Rm Video Sources. One of my pet peeves with the TC system is the time it takes me to switch sources. So I've employed variables to exclude un-necessary power commands, deleted delays, ect. It's gotten marginally better. I have been toying with the idea of using Device Events to speed up the process, but it seemed like a tedious process to put that together.

    But after reading Nick's account I figured I would try this in one part of my home system. I simply created a series of Device Event automation macros.

    R-LR-FTV (fire tv)

    The Watch Macro looks like this:


    The Source parts of the Macro look like this:


    Really pretty simple. What seems to be important is to make each piece simple. The URC system can process multiple tasks at once, but it's slower to have it do a series of tasks in a row than have it process 2 or 3 shorter tasks at the same time.

    The new macro for "Watch Fios TV" gets even simpler:


    Ignore the If Variable Passcode part. just focus on the 2 Jumps and the TCL React Command. All I'm doing is jumping to the interface and setting the variable to "Watch-FIOS"

    I did this with each of the sources. It actually is taking me longer to write this post than it did this create my variables and write my room macros. (just delete the old lines of the macro and add the React TCL Set variable command)

    I then changed my Room off command to a React TCL command to set my LR-Activity variable to "Off".

    Also added a Device Events Macro for Living Rm Off:


    And then I tested it.... and I was not disappointed.

    Hearing my AVR and my TV click on simultaneously makes you realize your MRX-10 can do more than you thought it could. All the sudden the limiting factor actually feels like your equipment, not you remote control system. There is no "please wait" on the remote. All you are waiting for is the HDMI handshake so you can start watching.

    Switching source also happen immediately instead of the "please wait" I was so used to when changing sources.


    My only disappointment was when I turned the system off. It took a long time to shut off.... Which I realized is cause my R-LR-Off automation macro is so bloated. If I cut it up into separate macros, the shut off the TV and the AVR first in each macro, so it feels like the system shuts off Immediately. Picture and Audio go out immediately. [if you reorganize your macros to shut the TV off first you'll understand the power of not having the chose what is first right away!] No waiting, no hesitation. Again... AWESOME.

    I can't wait to roll this out to the rest of my system. Hope this helps some of you to take you first steps to try this module!

    I love the speed I added, but I'm just scratching the surface. But this was a great way to start to learn how to use the module!

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