Dash React + Dash Mobile - How Will it Work?

  • Just wanted to give you guys an idea how Dash React will work in conjunction with Dash Mobile. It was actually the prime reason for building Dash React originally. My goal was to find a way to get a deeper control of the home without requiring a major overhaul and/or building of our own firmwares. However, I wanted it to be faster than the URC synchronous experience - thus Dash React.

    Now when you are programming Dash Mobile, it will actually be an awesome troubleshooting tool for you as well. This is because via Live Programming, you will be able to manipulate Dash React Variables from any button press within Dash Mobile.

    Dash Mobile will allow you to define Actions and will read States from your URC System. Actions will manipulate React Variable Values in order to execute system functions quickly.

    You will be able to program parameters into your actions. For example, where a URC Action may send isWATCH-Roku - a Dash Mobile modification might send isWATCH-Roku-USR-Braden to allow you to react differently based on which user executed the command.

    Where Dash React is powerful is that we can actually add as many parameters as we wish.

    ^ This could mean that the user pressed Roku and they are at Home in their Bedroom via Dash Mobile's iBeacon & GeoFencing Support.

    Of course you won't need to use Dash React, Dash Mobile is already capable today of simply triggering macros similar to how Device Event Triggers operates.

    Just a quick idea of what you can expect :-)

    Braden R. Napier

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