Source Selection with React Variants 1 & 2

  • This is my first attempt at Set Source with React which yielded two working variations:
    Variant 1 - where Set Source statements are in Room Power On.
    Variant 2 - where Room Power On is empty and Set Source Statements are in Device Events.
    They are both tested and tracking is working both files started as a old small pre Dash file that i modified.

    Watch is in the variables i had intentions on finishing it with watch and listen but decided since they were test files and they worked so there was no need to continue building them rather than an actual template version.

    Variant 1:
    Source Select V1
    Source Select V1.PNG

    Room Power On V1
    Room Power On V1.PNG

    Device Events V1
    Device Event V1.PNG

    Variant 2:
    Source Select V2
    Source Select V2.PNG

    Room Power On V2
    Room Power On V2.PNG

    Device Events V2
    Device Event V2.PNG

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