Latest TC Update (4.2.1120.1) stops Network Server

  • Any ideas?

    URC MRX-8   
    12/3/2015 at 12:55 AM   

    Cloud Logging
    Network Server Now Forwarding Logs to the Cloud Logging 1449131853495(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    Network Server Network Server Version 0.90 is Now Online & Activated! App Status 1449131855712(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    Network Server Sending Parameters to the Dash Apps Page Parameters 1449131857706(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    Network Server Starting the Device Event Monitor Device Events 1449131858660(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    Network Server Device Events XML: /remote/Store/data/TwoWay/ Startup 1449131858685(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    Network Server XML File Not Found or Valid - This should only happen if you have not programmed any Device Events for this Dash App. Warning 1449131858691(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    Network Server Starting a TCP Server on port 58520 Startup 1449131858696(12/3/2015 12:37 AM)
    System Monitor Starting System Heartbeat System 1449131967698(12/3/2015 12:39 AM)
    System Monitor Sending CPU Data to Dash OS System 1449131969914(12/3/2015 12:39 AM)
    System Monitor System Used Memory: 10.9% System Memory 1449131969919(12/3/2015 12:39 AM)
    System Monitor | NET MONITOR | Gateway: 0.7 ms | Google: 7.1 ms | Dash OS: 62.2 ms | Network 1449131970446(12/3/2015 12:39 AM)

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  • Network Server is still working fine for me.

    Do you have Accelerator set to always run as Admin? If not, you probably need to reimport the module. Those logs make it seem as if you dont have any Network Server Device Events programmed. Which could happen if the module broke from the update. You can check if the module broke by using the steps listed here.

    Justin Spiniolas

  • How do I restore the .xml file the network server is trying to initialize with? I did not change any of the automation macros which are supposed to be triggered by tcp commands the network server listens for. This all quit working after the latest Accelerator update. My modules are all up to date and imported correctly. I'm using Windows XP on my laptop I download from and cannot find 'Administrator mode', thus I assume it runs as administrator. It all did work previously. 2015-12-03 20.29.47.png?dl=0Dashboard.pdf Dashboard2.pdf

  • It all looks fine except for the fact that it is not creating the XML. This happens automatically as the app starts up. I really think that it is a problem with the module from the update. Please try to reimport and download. Many have had similar issues with modules breaking when not running Accelerator as admin. I included directions on how to set this up in my previous post.

    Justin Spiniolas

  • Just reloaded the MRX-8 again (3rd time, no changes to the programming) and presto, it loaded correctly. Going through your "Run as Admin" steps do not seem to apply to my laptop running XP. I do not have separate accounts, is it always Admin?


  • You should have some similar options that will help you get it to run as Admin always. It doesn't matter if you only have one user, its a different level of clearance within the OS. My Win7 32 bit has the same options, XP should be very similar I would think.

    Justin Spiniolas

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